Welcome to My Website

I am a PhD student in the Linguistics Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I specialize in the area of sociocultural linguistics, and my research focuses on discourses of sexual ethics among Baptists in the United States.

I am also the Assistant Director of Professional Development at UCSB's Graduate Division. In this position, I help graduate students identify and achieve professional goals related to their graduate career, whether it be conducting a successful job search, presenting their scholarly work, or promoting self-care and life balance.


I am currently running an anonymous online survey that examines the connections between faith and sexuality. While I'm specifically targeting people who are part of Christian communities or have been in the past, the survey is open to individuals of ALL faith backgrounds (non-Christian, little or no faith background, "it's complicated," etc). Check out the survey HERE and feel free to share with others!

"Faith and Sexuality in an Open-Source World." Presentation at the 25th General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Atlanta, Georgia. June 26-30, 2017.