Curriculum Vitae

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Warner-Garcia (2016). Rejecting exclusion, embracing inclusion: Conversation as policy-making at a U.S. Baptist conference on sexuality and covenant. Language Policy 15(2): 141-161.

Warner-Garcia (2015). ‘His belly dancer’: Young women’s interactional negotiation of sexual bodies and desire at a Baptist university. Gender and Language 9(2): 255-277.

Bucholtz, M., Lopez, A., Mojarro, A., Skapoulli, E., VanderStouwe, C., and Warner-Garcia, S. (2014). Sociolinguistic justice in the schools: Student researchers as linguistic experts. Language and Linguistics Compass 8(4): 144-157.

Warner-Garcia (2014). 
Gestural resonance: The negotiation of differential form and function through embodied action. Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture 9(1): 55-78.

Warner-Garcia (2014). Laughing when nothing’s funny: The pragmatic use of coping laughter in the negotiation of conversational disagreement. Pragmatics 24(1): 157-180.

Warner-Garcia (2012). What’s up with y’all?: Sociopragmatic versatility in the “battle of the pronouns.” Texas Linguistics Forum 55: 72-79.